26 November 2011

I Need A Crystal Ball

"Yeah, that's the spot Mommy! Scratch harder... harder!"

The 'tassels' sure made me itch.

23 November 2011

12 November 2011


My beds were cluttered together because Mommy spotted a house lizard in the bedroom!  She is terrified of them.  So she moved my beds far away just in case it got INTO them.

Of course I'd just happily made myself comfortable.  How can I resist 3 beds calling me together? *_*

By the way, I almost always lie against this blue bed's walls, hardly in the middle.


11 November 2011

My Staircase

Mommy says that I am now a Senior Citizen (for doggie's age) (HELLO??! Me? Senior?) so I should start taking care of my joints.  Leaping up/down furnitures should be minimal.  Our sofa's height is still manageable for me but the peeps' bed is slightly too high for a shorty like me.  I like to start of my night's sleep on my peeps' bed, then after getting warmed up I'd like to get down onto my own bed or the cooling tiled floor.  This has greatly reduced Mom's quality of sleep as she has to get up to carry me up/down. This can happen at least 2 times every night....so Mom's been having some complaints 'bout it :P

So she's been thinking of getting a pet staircase for me but it doesn't seem to be available locally *headache*.  So she jumped at the chance when recently my Aunt Lin (Mom's sister) was going to New York!  Mom searched online and ordered for a Pet Gear pet stairs to be delivered to Aunt Lin's hotel.  It is to be self-assembled so Aunt Lin brought it back in her big luggage. 

*Woof! Thank you Aunt Lin! Muack!*  But I do think that I can do without it though.

Note from Bowie's Mommy:  
When there's any chance he'll avoid using the stairs.  So we have to cut off his access to the sofa by blocking with whatever stuff available so that he can use only the stairs!  Sometimes he'll just use it all by himself, other times still need to coax him.  He seems to be better at going down and hesitant going up...hmm.
It is claimed that the stairs can hold pets up to 75lbs but I very much doubt so as it is already slightly wobbly for Bowie at 17lbs!  But to be fair, it could be because Bowie sort of bounce on the steps rather than walking on them; as though he wants to get over them quick LOL.

NG shots (refusing to 'perform' for the camera):