30 May 2006

Why Am I So Short?

Life's really unfair :( Why am I short-legged? Why? Why? Wait a minute! Maybe it's the table that is too high for me!! That must be it! Why am I complaining? Mommy has always told me that I'm already living better than most of my counterparts who stay in shelters, SPCAs or worse... homeless. So what if I'm slightly short? *gives myself a tight slap on the right cheek and another on the left cheek*



Pity me Daddy, please? Toss me the ball ... I can't reach for goodness sake!

No, it's still too high. I've stretched myself like a sausage can't you see??!!

Hmph! It's not fun at all! ..... What? You want to toss me the ball now?

Shit! Not only am I short-legged, I am also naive! In all my efforts trying to reach the ball & not getting it in the end, I had made myself one step closer in becoming a sausage-dog. *wails loudly*

29 May 2006

Mommy had nothing better to do!

Here's the proof:

First she made me look so close at the camera and snapped a picture of my cutie face.....

next she held on to my muzzle to take my cute button nose....

... then she caught me unaware while I was snoozing to take my paw pad. I thought that these should be all; I mean, how big is my body? What else can mommy take? But I was very wrong!!

No, this is not a thinned-out feather duster. It's my flag (my tail lah)!! Mommy just wouldn't give up, I definitely think she's too bored @_@

This will not the end of it. Mommy just told me that next time she'll be taking pictures of my ... ... okie, I shall not divulge it yet. Keep tuned to my blog if you want to find out. ^_^

28 May 2006

Who Put A Lamp Shade On ME??!!

Somebody help.......help me!!! Why is a lamp shade wrapped around my neck? Is it the latest doggy fashion that we're supposed to wear a lamp shade like a scarf? OMG! What is this world coming to? Unbelievable! The things that these humans think of. Can't you see that I'm stretching my neck the best I can in order to get out of this d*mn thing? Get it off me now, PLEASE?



*pant, pant, pant* I need to catch my breath ....

Doesn't look like anyone's gonna help me :( Ok, I give up!

03 May 2006

My Very First Christmas Card

It was Christmas 2004 that I received my very first christmas card. It was from my ex-home-groomer, Feng of V.I.Paws. Really a pleasant surprise that I actually received my very own christmas card. And she made me look so CUTE, aaaww...!

My 2nd Birthday, 22 May 2005

Yummy! But don't think I got to eat all the cake hor! After photo-taking and blow candles, I only got 1 miserable slice ya know?! Cannot blame mommy lah, because I was also having itchy skin so she didn't dare let me eat too much of the cheesecake lor. But it was delicious! So said daddy when mommy asked for his comments heehee...(*psst: it was mommy's first try so I must say not bad for a first-timer*)

Oh! I mustn't forget to mention that the red scarf I was wearing was my present from my mother-in-law :) She said I looked handsome in it wor...*blushing*

Hump, hump, hump .....

Yes, my mommy is a responsible owner! I was sterilised at a tender age of 8 months old (*sob, sob*) .... (*flashed back to that fateful day....: ...was sent to the vet and mommy left me at the back of the clinic where I was to be 'cut'; still remember I was frightened as I didn't know at first why I was abandoned there. Then as I was prepared by the vet's assistant for the op, a chill went down my spine! It struck me that perhaps that was IT!! I had heard mommy & daddy talking about it but never occurred to me that it'd happen so soon. The next thing I rem was seeing mommy's face peering at me from outside my crate. I was very happy to see her but my limbs were numb and my head spinning. Oh god! "Is it over?" i asked myself. Then mommy & daddy brought me home. I only got back my strength the very next day, still wobbling as I walked like a drunken dog! Mommy laughed at me but amidst her laughter, I could see the look of heartpain in her eyes.....*back to reality*)Now, don't think that just because I lost my manhood I do not have the urge anymore. I still do ok? So when I have my needs, I look for daddy's legs for consolation, whoahahaha... See the proof above. I also have fetish for feet! hiak..hiak..hiak.. but not to worry, I only like my humans', not anyone's hor. *feel proud*

02 May 2006

Then & Now -- 我的背影 (My Back View)

(Note: the above was done Oct last year, so the "Now" is not so up-to-date ya :P)

Ever seen a 'chameleon'-dog? Silky is one of them ^_^ !! Silkies are born black and most turn silver-grey/white by 1.5 yrs old though there are some who remain black throughout their adulthood. Lotsa silky owners are excited to see how their puppies will turn out to be; so for those who get their silkies when they're still puppies, they really don't know what they're getting hahaha.....


Not only did I turn silver-grey, my fur also became curly like Maggie-mee (instant noodle)!!