27 June 2007

Playing Fetch

Ok, maybe this game is nothing new but just wanted to show others how Mommy always con me. She pretended to throw the toy but didn't. For someone honest and of quick reaction, of course I always conned by her -- started to run the moment I think the toy is thrown but only to realize the toy is not where it should be! 

Tired after a few rounds of Fetch. *smile! and pose for the camera*

I requested for a close-up shot of my CUTIE face BOL!!!

01 June 2007


Last Saturday, Daddy brought something home.  I tried to peek but as my height is only so much, I couldn't make out what it is.  Then when I least expected it,  I heard the sound of plastic bag being opened and from it Daddy took out this cute-looking thingy!

Everybody, this is PINKY! (*duh, no pun intended ok?*)
Her actual name is Morchoo, a mascot of the Gardenasia Kids.  There's another mascot called Titoy, green in colour, also very cute-looking. I wonder why Daddy did not get me a pair?? *Why Daddy?*

I learnt her name very fast. Mom played Fetch with me and referred to her as Pinky so very fast I could differentiate between Pinky and Bear-Bear my other soft toy.  Mom says I 喜新厌旧 (meaning has a liking for something new and dislike the older one) because I've been playing with Pinky more since she came and neglected Bear-Bear. Oh my bad!

Pinky: "Oei Bowie! Don't sleep leh, wake up!"

Pinky: "Yo Bowie! Let's play shall we??"

Bowie:" Oei Pinky, I'm tired; leave me alone please?"

Bowie: "Oh Pinky! I'm sorry.  I'll play with you for just a while ok?"

Pinky: "Oh Bowie! No, it's my fault!  Please rest well, we play tomorrow."

Pinky: "I sleep with you Bowie."

Pinky: "I'll be your pillow!"  (*see how stoned I looked*)

Pinky: "No, wait! Let's take 1 more picture!  Say Cheezzz!  Nite nite!!"

Bowie: "Alamak! Now I'm wide awake! It's all your fault Pinky."
Pinky: "Paiseh... now I'm tired and falling asleeep le :P" 

Sleeping Sanctuary

This place is the gap between the back of sofa and the (fake) wall divider.  It's also my best hiding place since Mom & Dad can't reach me there BOL unless they move the sofa.  But Mom says it's really funny I always go in only from side A and out the other side B, never the other way round!

Also because the gap is not big enough for me to turn around, when one side is blocked (don't ask me how come blocked, go ask Mom!!)  I'll have to reverse and walk backside out first!  Mommy says dam* funny wor...