27 February 2008


Sometimes when things get too boring at home and Mommy is in her crazy mood, guess what? I become her object of amusement lor! *sulk*

See proofs below:

Mommy let me wear my t-shirt halfway on my head and said it is my new Snood. What the hell is that, a snood?
She looked at me and laughed, laughed, laughed.


Never mind that she made fun of me, but she actually forgot about this snood thing and left it stayed that way on my head for like dunno-how-long before she remembered and removed it for me!!!

Now I know what it means by "It's A Dog's Life"! *melancholic song playing in the background*

Kena Punished

Just now I was placed on top of the plastic box for "time out" -- my punishment for licking all my paws wet.

Mommy: "ggrrr... still look so happy!"



Mommy said if I still do not get rid of my paw-licking habit, she going to make me wear socks! Must be fun leh, don't know what it will be like? Will I be able to walk normally or will I slide? Mommy Mommy, let me wear leh?!

*mommy no response cos she already fainted*  :P