26 April 2011

Meal Time S.O.P. - Continued

Coming out from my personal toilet (oh yes, sometimes I do mis-aim and the pee flows down the side of tray. I know that when I hear Mom shouting "BOWIE!!" :P),

4.  I would be doing my rounds around the house (sometimes).

5.  After charging up energy (from my meal), I need to play.

Pee-S:  Sometimes I'd run fetch my Bear-Bear toy and bring to Mom indicating I wanna play.  At times I'd just look at Mom and whine BOL

6.  Catch my breath.  Rest and relax!

25 April 2011

Meal Time S.O.P.

Standard Operating Procedures of my meal time.

1.  Eat, of course!
Pee-S: I was wearing a new tee. ^_^
Pee-SS:  My bowl was on top of a cheap make-do bowl stand which was an old ice cream tub as Mommy does not want to strain my neck too much.

This is another new tee ^_^  ^_^

2.  After eating, my mouth would be wiped.  

3.  Then I'd walk to my personal toilet to pee.
See how I balance on 3 legs? BOL!!

Nope not done yet.  There's more to the above S.O.P.  Stay tuned!

20 April 2011

Amazing Volume-Controlled Barks

Not me, my friends, not in a thousand years! BOL!  But I must say, the Shiba Inu in the video is amazing!

Basically, the owner called her and she responded with a loud bark.  The owner then asked for softer (and softer) barks, of which the Shiba Inu responded accordingly! Mom said it has such a cute face she wanted so much to cuddle it! *I'm jealous!*