21 January 2011

My Food

Yeah! More food for me! *sniff, sniff*

Don't you come near my food!! 

Pee S: That is a 9.09kg (20 lbs) dry food that lasts me for about 3 months. Mommy claims that it is more economical buying a big bag. Of course, do take note of the expiry date and keep them airtight after opening.

Typical Afternoon

    What else but SLEEP? ;)

    Without fail, I must have a rollin' good time on my hoomans' bed when I take a break from my naps!

   Occasionally, there might be doggie calls from somewhere outside the window. Instantly I'll jump right up from my slumber:

 Calling for me?

06 January 2011

Puppy Me II

Smiled with eyes closed. Plus tilting my head one side.  B.O.L