28 January 2012

Gender Crisis

Furriends, what do y'all think of this dress?  It is called Hanbok, a traditional Korean costume.  It is often charaterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets.  The below 2 photos show the traditional dress for females. 

Now, what do y'all think of THIS??


Yup, that was ME in that DRESS! 

a BOY in a DRESS??!!  What was wrong with that Mommy of mine??  Sometimes I am so confused about my gender, I have to look down *at you know what* to make sure I am indeed a boy!

25 January 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Another award, nominated by Muffin again. Heehee...thank you very muchie, Muffin! ^_^

And so, I in turn am nominating the following blogs for this "One Lovely Blog Award":

  • Two French Bull Dogs - It's always enjoyable reading the posts on the antics of these 2 Frenchies, Benny & Lily! Their photos always make me laugh too!
  • Dory's Backyard - The stories of 3 Lhasa Apso (Dory, Bilbo & Jakey). Very interesting stories they write!
  • Downunder Daisy - Adventures of 2 Scotties (Daisy, Bella) + 1 Bull Mix (Roxy). They are full of adventures!
  • Tooki (Living With 6 Hamsters (And 2 Dogs)) - Very fun postings on 2 very lovable characters, Wawa (adopted stray dog) and Coco (Miniature Schnauzer)!
  • Yuki & Rocket - 2 Miniature Schnauzers. Beautiful photos they pose and post. Interesting stories about their lives, training and sometimes even doggie recipes!
  • The Daily Diary of Douglas - Fun posts about a very cute Scottie pup.

The above are not listed in order of preference.  I'd like to apologize if yours were not listed above as there are just too many blogs to list; they are all equally lovely!

19 January 2012

Fun Interactive Game

Yay! Mommy I won this Dog Tornado Interactive Game by Nina Ottosson in a giveaway!
Simply wipe with a damp cloth if using dry treats or kibbles.  The game can also be frozen if you want to make frozen treats (this I have not tried).

The treat holes can be covered with bone-shaped covers (not shown here but they come as a set) to increase the difficulty level.

"Mommy! No more!"

I am wearing a matching color tee! BOL!

18 January 2012

Good Bad Or Silly Choice?

2 beds and a small pile of newspapers.  Need I say more which one I chose?

Mommy said next time she'd just let me sleep on newspapers, no more buying beds for me!
Butt...butt...I love my beds too! It's just that the newspapers are not always on the floor so I can't let go of this opportunity, can I??

16 January 2012

Resolutions For 2012

Well, these resolutions are not exactly mine though I hope I'll be able to achieve some if not all.

   Daily Yoga.

   Be good to each other.

   See a bit of magic everyday.

   Exercise more.

   Sleep more.

   Learn to play the piano.

   Play more.

   Read more.

   Travel more.

   Reach out to those in need.

   Spend more time with family.

   Stop and smell the flowers.

Any of the resolutions same as yours?

Pawsome Blogger Award

I am thrilled that I've been nomited for the Pawsome Blogger Award by Muffin!
Thanks a lot, Muffin! :P

I am now supposed to nominate 8 other bloggers for this pawsome award.  But I am a lil' lazy (sorry!) so feel free to grab the award as I think every single one of you is most deserving!

11 January 2012

An Offer At PetsDirect.co.uk

As mentioned on Pet Blogs United, PetsDirect.co.uk is giving any bloggers following PetBlogsUnited.com a free gift, worth £10 (or equivalent) for simply mentioning PetsDirect.co.uk on their blog.

To get your free gift all you have to do is choose what gift you’d like from PetsDirect.co.uk up to the value of £10, then email your postal address and item(s) choice to sales@petsdirect.co.uk, and where you’ve mentioned Pet Blogs United on your blog/website.

For more details, please visit PBU.

Wordless Wednesday - Just For Laughs

06 January 2012

Ultimate Dog Tease

I absolutely LOVE this talking-dog video which tops UK's 2011 Youtube's list and I'm gonna share it here:

Hope you like it too!