28 February 2012

In Disguise

*ahem!*  Nobuddy should recognize me now!

If you do, I'll have to say (Donald-Trump style) to my Wardrobe Consultant: "You Are Fired!"

27 February 2012

Good News

Today's post rather wordy but please bear with me.  Mom made me I want to share this good news with every buddy.

You might remember that after the dental scaling I had last Dec 2011, the Vet told us that something in my throat appeared reddish?  We went back one month later in mid-Jan 2012 for a review (same Vet 'A').  I was not somebuddy that would just open my mouth and let others peer inside! *gosh, what are the humans thinking??!*  So they tried very hard to open my mouth and Vet 'A' only managed to catch a glimpse of my tonsil and that it was red!

The advice then was to put me on some antibiotics as the tonsils were probably inflamed.  We were to go back again for review in 1 month's time.  Mom asked what would happen if in 1 month's time the tonsil/s still red or swollen?  Vet's answer sent Mom's blood pressure up the ceiling she nearly had heart attack! He said he would sedate me to have a proper look at my throat.  If tonsil/s still red, might have to have it/them removed!! *WHAT????*  The rest of sentences were just like background noises in Mom's ears..."might be cancerous"...was the only thing she heard.

Mom worried about my throat for the next 1 month (which felt like a year, she said).  She typed furiously on the keyboard Googling for some answers..explanations.  Finally she decided to have a 2nd opinion and went to Vet 'B' earlier this month.  I was sedated for a quick look and indeed one of my tonsils was STILL inflamed. But there is no such extreme need for removal of the tonsil!! *Thank God!*  I was given an antibiotic injection plus medications and sent home. Mommy could finally worry less as there would be no need for surgery.

We went back for review 2 weeks later, which was last Sunday.  I was sedated again :(.  10 minutes later Vet carried me out and told my Pawrents that the inflammation had gone away! Mom asked "so it's back to normal now?". Vet answered "his throat is now even better than mine!". BOL!

I am free from antibiotics and Mommy is happy!

Note from Mommy:  I learnt from these past 2 vet visits that to be sedated is different from under anaesthetic.  Sedation is only a quick inhaling of gas (very little amount) so the subject 'sleeps' for a very short time.  Silly me, I thought they are interchangeable terms!

17 February 2012

Got Tagged

My (fairly new) friend, Muffin, tagged me!  So I have to answer the following 10 questions:

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words.
  • (Grrreat) kisser, (pawsistent) licker, alert, curious, timid, sensitive, fashionable.

2.  What keeps you up at night?
  • I keep Mom up at night (scratching, licking, switching sleep locations)! Not the other way round BOL!

3.  Who would you like to be?
  • Mom wants me to be "Junior".  Behavior wise - calm and confident.
The famous Junior from The Dog Whisperer, with Cesar Millan.

4.  What are you wearing?
  • Either tank tops or t-shirts.

5.  What scares you?
  • Being alone at home :'(
Did a 'circus performance' to vent my anxiety when I was alone at home (few years back).  

6.   The best and worst of blogging.
  • Best: Knowing more furry pals in Blogville.  Worst: Running out of topics!
7.   The last website I visited.
  • Muffin's  "A Dog Named Muffin" BOL because she he tagged me so I have to get the questions copied.
8.   What is one thing I would change about myself?
  • Mom says getting rid of my separation anxiety! (see Q.5)  *clears throat* But Mom is saying there's a whole lot more of things I should change :P
9.   Slankets - yes or no?
  • No.

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.
  • Muffin's Mom, Sarah, is very very young; I bet y'all can't tell!  She resides in Singapore just like me!  Muffin was picked by Sarah and neither party is regretting that! ^_^
11. Tag 8 more blogs.

16 February 2012

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Part 4

... and so the torture hygiene & grooming story continues ...

I use a human toothbrush.  Mommy says she and Daddy are also using the same kind of toothbrush and she finds the tapering bristles very good at reaching the gum line area. Most importantly, the bristles are soft enough! The cost is easy on the pocket too BOL! 

That long orange color thing is a nail file for humans.  From the $2 shop, a pack comes in 2 filers.
Again cheap and good!

As much as I hate it, I still want to have a set of sparkling white and strong teeth.  So no choice but to endure the torture brushing! AND nail-cutting.

This post ends my Personal Hygiene and Grooming topics.  
*paws crossed no one invents new torture devices any more!* 

14 February 2012

An Award & Pawlentine's Day

Firstly, Thank You Haopee of "My Dogs Love Me" for passing me the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you!

    (Liebster means dearest).

Then, I would like to wish everybuddy a Very Happy Pawlentine's Day! 

06 February 2012

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Part 3

Part 3 of my torture Hygiene and Grooming series is ... ... ... ???

Yup, I am made to stand on that inverted basket while bathing.  Torture Upgraded!  Mommy's excuse for this 'upgrade' is that I like to lick.  She's worried that I might drink up all the dirty bubbly bath water if I am left on the shower floor. Duh! Excuses! 
(Must give credit to Mommy: she puts an extra rubber mat for me so that my paws are more comfy).
(From Bowie's Mommy: "Luckily he's a small dog. Otherwise I do not know where to get a huge basket for him! He licks my hands and legs too when I'm shampooing him. He licks the shower screen too!" *faint*)

But the ULTIMATE torture of this whole bath thingy is ... ...?

Yup! The killer dryer!!!  Which idi*t invented it? $%^&@#
(Above 2 pics are from an old post.)

There'll be 1 or 2 more posts on this whole torture hygiene stuff.