27 July 2010

Meal Time II

Refer here for Meal Time I.

Lifting up left paw in anticipation!

Close-up: looking intently at my bowl, ready to attack :)  Ooh, pardon my messy hair!

Focusing on my kibbles, waiting for Mommy's okay command (note: Mommy not ill-treating me with this miserable amount of kibbles; she merely giving me in many small amounts so as to let me eat slower :P).

See? So fast I cleaned up the bowl!!

Mommy....! No more!

16 July 2010

Robin Hood

Mommy, do I look like Robin Hood?

Mommy: "LOL Bowie! Wearing a green hood does not make you Robin Hood. Em..okie, why not be Robin Hood's lil' assistant for now?"

Not believing Mommy, I googled and found that indeed I don't look like one :(  This dude looks more like one:

(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wishbone_Robin_Hood.jpg)

Sleep Baby Sleep

14 July 2010

Daddy is home!

It's evening time and people are reaching home from work in our neighbouring units.

Me pricking my ears listening... ...is it our door being opened?

No, it isn't!

YES! This time it is! Yeah, daddy is home! (started running which explains the blurry photo ^_^)