28 February 2017

Tongue Out Tuesday

This glasses filter blue light. For when I watch TV.

Gotta take care of those eyes, especially senior pups like me.

    let me see if i can lick the glasses clean... oops, tongue too short.

Blooper Shot:

27 February 2017

Fur Stealer

The fur stealer was here again last Friday!

Mom tried to bribe me with some treat before the job, butt I refused it with pride. Still, I got whisked up onto the stealer's table *cry*

   Butt in exchange for 1.5 hours of stealing job, I am back to being neat and handsome again.

A tiny bit of accident though -- my ear got nipped at the edge by the clipper. So a little bit of blood.
I yelped like a sissy mom said :(
Excuse me?! Try getting your ear nipped mom!

I am not talking to her for the next 1 week. Erm...except meal times perhaps.

23 February 2017

Throwback Thursday - I Am A Rabbit

Looking at old posts when I came across this from few years back BOL

I don't do that anymore. Rather, I can't do it anymore.

Because it was an L-Shaped sofa back then and we were on the longer "chaise lounge". Now it's just a normal sofa I've got nowhere to sit in front of dad/mom.

20 February 2017

Mischief Monday - Plastic Bag

More accurately, my head in plastic bag.

I used to be scared of plastic bags due to the sound they make. But over the years I've grown accustomed to it because I learnt that they are associated with foodables!! Anything to do with food can't be bad aye?

So here I was, putting my head inside the bag to salvage any breadcrumbs.

17 February 2017

Laundry Assistant

Mom said I need to have a uniform or something to be her assistant. So I improvise with whatever on hand.

Hoping to start perhaps another fashion trend?? bwahahaha

16 February 2017

Throwback Thursday - My First Piece of Clothes

That was when it first started. 12 years ago OMD!!

My very first clothes - a striped polo that was a tad too small but cute! BOL

14 February 2017

13 February 2017

Walkie Walkie

Take a break, take a KitKat photo.

  Hurry up! There's an oncoming car..!

  You done??

Walkie continues ... ... ... ...

11 February 2017

If it fits

If it fits, I sleepz. If it does not fit, I still sleepz!! BOL

Angle A1.

Mom's notes: I purposely left the cushion on the floor, knowing he'd surely lie on it (curling up). I didn't expect to see these! whoahaha

Angle A2.

Angle B.

Angle C.

Choosing the smaller cushion over the bigger bed. 

Mom asked: "Why, why, tell me why!"

10 February 2017


Otherwise called 'blur' face by mom. It is the face when I'm half-asleep, popping up my head only for a stretch or to change sleep position.

09 February 2017

Dinner Face

See my sulky gloomy face when dinner's not served on time?

  ...still no dinner but not giving up; staring at her...

[Mom's note: his dinner is at 5pm but at around 4 o'clock he starts giving me that face!]

The HAPPY and SATISFIED FACES of a filled tummy!

(@-@)  --> this is mom rolling her eyes BOL

07 February 2017

ZZZZZZZ Jan 2017

    Angle A.

   Angle B.

    Angle A.

    Angle B.

    I love to lie on mom's yoga mat when it's laid out (not for me hahaha)