30 November 2006

Knock Knock

Mommy...! Why you keep me out of the kitchen??

Hello! Open the door pleeeeaase?  I am lifting my paw-paw making my request, can't you see?

Mommy....! Tolong tolong open the door lah.. Mommy soo bad!

  Waste my time! Might as well pose for the camera ... Cheese.. (^_^)

Hmmph... or I shall sulk here at one corner @-@  我的脸够臭吗?

28 November 2006

A Leisurely Afternoon

Mommy managed to sneak up on me earlier today while I was snoozing on the sofa, all by myself.  This is also the very same spot that without anyone watching me like a hawk, I lick my paws wet heehee.  The usual outcome is of course getting scoldings from Mommy, after which my paws would be blown dry with the hairdryer.

I just don't understand what the fuss is all about?  The paws are mine; why can't I lick them as I please???!!  Not to even mention that I also cannot scratch as I like.  OMG! Humans tsk tsk tsk *eyes rolling upwards* ... ...  Where are the dogs' rights? I want to complain to the 'gahment' (aka government)!

My ID Card

Nice? If you peepz are interested, you can generate one at www.onlinewahn.de .  It's a german site.  Just click on the 'Funny Generator'  button on the menu and select the ID option (you will see a stack of IDs, just click on it).  Have fun! ^_^

Yo! Check It Out!

What's in the bag?? *curious*

17 November 2006

What Have I Been Busy With?

Some of you might remember that my part-time career is modelling.  So recently I've been busy with some projects.

Firstly,  the Hanbok which is a traditional Korean Dress, now available in doggy version which is still very much like the human's:

Pretty isn't it? heehee... and so what if I'm a boy? don't I carry off the dress as well as any girl, if not better? *proud*

Secondly, the Cheongsams and Tang-Style Costumes :

Last but not least, the Santa Elf Suit since Christmas is fast approaching:

Taa..Daa... that's about all. Boy! Was I tired out after all the photo shoots. *phew*  Oh, and if I don't look my best, that's cos I was sometimes dragged out of the bed in the middle of my snooze :(

My Christmas Cards

Yup! Doggies can receive Christmas cards too! *dancing around*

The above one was from year 2004 (I think...) and the one below just received 2 days ago:

Nice huh? All thanks to my very sweet, gentle and caring home-groomers. *"Thank you Jie-Jie!" muack muack*

Catz Are My Best Friends

Let me show you who they are:

 Whoahaha.... of course they're not live cats! They've been with me for a while now and cos they've not bathed for even once, Mommy & Daddy say they stink like hell.  But I find they smell heavenly with my saliva-parfum.  The green one befriended me first so it is slightly more 'fragrant' (ok lah, I put in inverted commas for Mommy's sake).  Below are some photos of Mommy grilling my friends:

 Me trying to rescue my friends... but not successful :(

Excuse Me, Are You A Model?


Of course I am a MODEL! (^_^)

16 November 2006

Bad Hair Day

What? Again?? Mommy..................! I think I really need a hairstylist for sure! oh, and some hair gel.

 Don't you all think so??! Ok, to proof it further:


..........and I rest my case.

15 November 2006

Elf Rolling On Bed

Note from Bowie-Mom: Intention was to let him wear the Santa Elf costume to pose for a photo. But the moment he hit the bed, he started to rock-n-roll! LOL!

26 September 2006

Wooo...wooo...Who's Howling

Some say "singing" while some say "crying". What do you think? (see that I am wagging tail)

I simply cannot stand the squeeky sound that comes out from the squeeker in toys.  Daddy likes to tease me by pressing it continuously.  It's so "torturous"!

24 September 2006

04 September 2006

Which Toy?

Ok, I've arranged the toys nicely.
Now let's see, which colour should I choose to play today?

Oh no! It's a tough decision to make. I can't decide!

Geisha is back!

What do you think? How do I look? ^_^ 




08 July 2006

Don't Let You Weigh!

"Mommy, you better don't stand on this thing. I'm doing this for your own good. I'm afraid the scale will hit its maximum reading when you stand on it lah! hahaha...." *runs away quickly*

04 July 2006

Separation Anxiety

We have all heard about dogs with separation anxiety and sadly, I'm no exception. My parents were curious to know what I usually do when alone at home so they taped me.

Nope, I wasn't watching tv ok? The tv wasn't even turned on. I was looking high (yeah!) and low for Mommy. Sometimes she plays hide and seek with me so I thought she might be hiding behind the sofa so I'd better checked. Guess what? I WAS really alone at home so I howled and howled.... (*psst, Mommy's jaw almost touched the ground when she saw this part of the tape :P *)

29 June 2006

Kena Corn-ed

Bowie (looking at Mommy): "Mommy, what is this corn-look-alike thing? Can it be eaten? yum yum..."

Mommy : "Aiyo, all you think of is EAT! That is a toy for you which we bought while holidaying in Canada last year. It's made up of many rotating discs which help to clean your gum and teeth while you chew on it."

Bowie: "Oh I see!" *chew chew chew*

... ... * and aaaahh.... let me open my mouth bigger; better be more thorough cleaning my gum ...*

I Water Plants At Every Walkie

This is actually part of an earlier post "My Everyday Walkie":

I wonder why myself that I have this habit of 'watering' plants/shrubs especially those at the edges or corners. Any of you furry friends are like me?

The Entertainer

Oh nooooo..! Why do I have this feeling that there's nothing good out of this -- me being placed on the TV console, next to this 14" TV??? Mommy is bound to be up to something AGAIN :( The big TV had died and was disposed of. So while waiting for the new TV to be delivered, I became the object of entertainment. Hmm... is this one of the reasons human keep us as pets? So that we can drive away their boredom?

Please, Mommy, carry me down please please? I promise I'll be a good boy (for today)...

Mommy would only carry me down if I posed next to the TV and put on a smile. Better do as she says or else I'd be up here for eon years. So here goes:

How's that for the camera? ^_^

26 June 2006

In & Out of Jail

While in jail ... ... (*melancholic music playing in my head*)

It's TIME to be released from jail! Yeah! So happy! Hurry hurry, open the gate Mommy!

... ... and what a pleasant surprise awaited me; Daddy's timely arrival back home ^_^.

25 June 2006

How To Beg For Food?

Step 1: Look intently and straight at your boss's face. Let him know you are THERE.

Step 2: If your boss ignored you, try threatening him/her. For example, say "Give me the food or I shall claw you; see my dog-cula claws? See, see?"

Step 3: If both earlier steps failed, try looking at the food intently instead. You might just have a hidden telepathic power to move things!!

Step 4: If all above didn't work, try the last tactic. Stick out those pinky tongue and act cute!!! If this still doesn't work, GOOD LUCK! You are on your own, buddy!