28 July 2016

My Assets

Besides my beds, personal stairs, food bowl, clothes, towels, these are my 2 other stuff used daily:

    My water bowl

Of course, the rest of the stuff in the house are ALL MINE too!

23 July 2016

The Nose and The Bio-Clock

The nose picks up the slightest hint of food smell:

*oven was roasting some vegetables*

Then when it comes to meal time, the biological clock knows:

 *looking at the clock only to confirm that my bio-clock is accurate*

22 July 2016

Playing On The Job

So this time I am awake.

But alas, I got caught playing while on duty.
Wait a minute! I thought PLAY is one of my job descriptions (besides EAT and SLEEP)??

(see? I dropped my toy *again* while trying to climb my stairs)

FIRE ME if you dare!

18 July 2016

Monday Blues - Sleeping On The Job

It's the Monday Blues...
I can't help it even if I got caught sleeping on the job.
My eyes refuse to open and there's nothing I can do!

15 July 2016


Mom is such a wet blanket!!! *angry*

Hey, there's a cat there! 
(Actually I didn't see him/her or I'd have screamed at the top of my lungs and mom would not have been able to take this pic BOL)

Mom always says that my eyes seem to have stamps pasted over them! 
(It's our local way of describing how we can miss seeing something so near heehee).

14 July 2016

Eating Raw

I started out with kibbles as a puppy.

Then I was put on BARF for a number of years but somehow I didn't seem to be doing that well with it.

Now mom thinks perhaps it was due to her being too greedy anxious in letting me try all the different meat (pork, beef, rabbit, kangaroo...).  I was scratching and sometimes vomiting yellow bile (too hungry!). The scratching could be due to detoxing but mom was too worried as to what the actual cause could be.

So back to kibbles.

Up till around Feb this year. Suddenly I was not interested in kibbles; i turned up my nose when mom put down my bowl of kibbles. It could not be my teeth as I just had them cleaned and checked last Dec.

Added some canned food to kibbles and voila! I slurped up all the food in no time!

Then I went boarding in June and mom got a text from my nanny after one day of stay, that I had MAJOR diarrhoea a few times in the middle of the night!! It was described as the poop just exploded out from my butt! I was better a couple of days later.

I was back to my kibbles + wet food combo when I went home. No diarrhoea. But mom dislike the idea of feeding me canned food because they are salty! I drank lots and lots of water when I was on the canned food. My nanny suggested feeding me BARF (again).

So, back to BARF i am. This time round, just Kangaroo meat (patties). No rabbit, pork, beef etc....yet.

The whitish stuff are probiotics powder that mom added.

Now I clean out my bowl in under 1 minute, including licking-the-bowl-clean time.
No canned food necessary.
I bark and bark and bark loudly whenever mom is preparing to serve my meals; and
I am ready to attack the meat (with ground bones and veggies) even before mom can put down my bowl!

Bon Appetit!

07 July 2016

TBT - Sexy

Throwback Thursday today from an old post.

My t-shirt said "Don't Leave ME Alone" and hey! that was exactly what I wanted to tell mommy. I had (and still have) quite serious separation anxiety hence I was putting on this tee to remind her that.

The tee was tooooo big for me so mommy tied up a knot at the collar as well as at the end. If the end was not tied up, it would soak in my urine when I pee. If the collar was not tied up, I became... ...
... SEXY like this:

This tee shirt is no longer around.

04 July 2016

I Am Human

What?  You must be thinking "Bowie has gone nuts!"

Okie, here's what happened.

Mom played with this cartoon making app and played around. Then she came up with these:

See? They were created using my eyes and nose. Mom wants to keep my nose because that is my feature, though it looks kind of weird on a human face. Butt, who cares!

Since the app does not have a dog cartoon, mom made me into a human child!

And here's a family cartoon photo:

It's fun and funny! Mom loves it and so do I.

01 July 2016

TDIF Let Your Hair Down

Well, as my hair is not long enough to be let down,

I let it go CRAZY!!

Thank Dog It's Friday! 

Enjoy yourselves and have a great weekend efurrybuddy!