29 June 2012

Kitty Kitty

Recently our local MacDonalds have these free Hello Kitty toys for every Value Meal ordered.  Daddy got all four!

Daddy said "let Bowie play".  Mommy, the QC Inspector, made sure there are no dangerous-to-dogs parts that might be swallowed. The no.1 winner of the QC Inspection is the one wearing "Uncle MacDonalds" overalls.

Ta-daa....... my new prey toy, Kitty Kitty:

Don't mess with my Kitty Kitty!

Pee-S:  It's been more than a week and Kitty Kitty is still in one good piece. No surgery needed yet. I am a very gentle guy BOL.

19 June 2012

So Touching

I do not have the story behind this photo...whether the old man is dog's owner or just a kind hearted man helping some buddy in need. It is just so very touching! 

15 June 2012

Diaper Boy

Mommy and her stupid bright idea! She thinks that I should get accustomed to wearing diapers just in case it becomes necessary one day under one of these circumstances:

  • I tend to mark when visiting others' homes. Wearing a diaper would make us feel less apologetic towards the host.
  • Incontinence *touch wood*

One of Mom's friend who has a toddler, and of course lots of diapers, had kindly offered to mail me one human baby diaper to try. Here's how I look with it:

It's the pulled up pants type BOL

Verdict: It does not fit.  The waist is too loose for my slim body, the length is too short to cover my long birdie.  

Mom cut out the tail hole herself. After a couple of minutes of catwalk dogwalk, Mom checked and the diaper had slipped down beneath my birdie. Mom laughed and laughed...grrrr... 

Mommy's note: At first Bowie was a bit hesitant and tried to run away when I approached him with the diaper.  But when I wanted to remove it after trying on, he refused and tried to run off. Silly boy!

11 June 2012

Dog Whisperer In Town

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer was in Singapore end of May 2012.  We did not get to meet him nor attend his talks when he was in town.  Mommy knew he was coming, but in June she thought! So it was ALL OVER when she found out about him being here from the newspapers. Duh!

Anyway, here's a part of what he did when he was here: Rehabilitating a Shelter Dog, Mango. Good work, Cesar! ^_^

06 June 2012

My Clone?

A few days ago, somebuddy commented on my blog:

Later, this somebuddy friend posted a picture of Silkie:

Do you also think we look alike?  My daddy said "all Silky Terriers look alike!" when I asked him the question. Duh!