22 May 2018

Happy 15th Birthday To Me!

So this year, Mom decided to get me a real proper cake. She ordered it online and even went to self-collect it herself to save on delivery charges! Thanks Mom i waited for 15 years glad that you didn't tire yourself out trying to cook/bake me something yourself!

The cake just reaching home after collection and still in the box. It's a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - yummeeee! Dog-friendly recipe with human ingredients so everybody can eat. It's too big for myself, 7 inches big!
If you zoom in, you can see the cake's frosting is sweating BOL

I need to be held or I'd lunge at the cake (cos the Stay command been lost on me if you read yesterday's post). Oh, and the candle was just 'for display' it wasn't lit BOL.



Shirt is recycled from last year's barkday hahaha

The cake is so doglicious! I'll get 2 wedges a day, for 3 days hooray! Can I haf barkday again tomorrow Mom? pleeze?

21 May 2018

How Am I Doing?

Hello Hello my dear blogville Furriends! Have I been missed? BOL

It's been almost 4 months since my last post. Just some updates on me for those who might have been wondering what I'd been up to.

Besides being lazy (referring to Mom, ahem..!), mainly it was because I'd been spending lots of time napping and walking/circling in the house which means blurry photos! Seniors sleep a lot more so that's ok. Butt, apparently I have Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - what folks commonly called Dog Dementia :(

I have been displaying practically 99% of the behaviors mentioned or shown here > https://dogdementia.com/what-does-canine-cognitive-dysfunction-look-like/  It's totally heartbreaking (to Mom especially) :'( :'(  The symptoms began to be very obvious starting this year. Might have started last year but were too subtle to notice.

Here's some of my photos displaying those symptoms:

Stuck in narrow lane and just stood there

Half in half out

This has never happened before!

I have forgotten all my daily commands such as Sit, Stay. The only thing I still remember very well is FOOD glorious food! I go berserk at meal-prep times, more uncontrollable compared to last time:

  • barking (in the wrong direction! eg. Mom's at 9 o'clock position but I bark facing 11 or even 2 o'clock positions) and 
  • jumping (despite my bad arthritis knees!).

I have most of the times forgotten where my toilet is, peeing anywhere in the house but mostly at the balcony (Mom said that's my new toilet BOL)!

Sorry Mom, cos I make her busy wiping my pees. She even slipped on my pee recently cos she didn't notice it on our white tiles :P but luckily not injured. I've been wearing diapers to sleep only at night. Mom doesn't want my 'little brother' to be cooped up during the day too BOL, not until it is absolutely necessary.

When I am not napping, I walk almost non-stop and sometimes in circles like mentioned in the above link. It's driving Mom nuts and sad at the same time. I also go around finding Mom just like in the video on the above link. Sometimes I also make incorrect judgements of where sounds come from eg. Daddy came home and I walked towards inside of the house to find the 'sound'.

SIGH....why, why, why like that? Mom asks. Her dad, my grandpa who passed away last July, also contracted Alzheimer's Disease. He did not recognise his family members due to the disease, and now it's my turn - it's a double blow to her.

Ok ok sorry folks, getting carried away with the emotions while typing this post. We are making the best of the situation so no worries.

Till next post ...everyone take care!