28 August 2016

Bringing Mom For Walk

Of course I am walking Mom since I am leading BOL BOL

Let's go!

Wait! There's a pee-mail here, let me read.

C'mon, let's continue on.

Let me see..... anything over on the right?

Nothing.  Hey! There's a ....

... pillar, column,... whatever! I must check it out!

22 August 2016


There's a baby gate installed at a small distance from the front door to prevent me from rushing to the door whenever someone opens it.

This "entrance hall" is where the hoomans put on their shoes before going out. And where I put on my leash for walks.

I get invited into this hall to send daddy off to work on weekdays.

For convenience sake, they do not lock the gate and just leave it ajar. Aha!

I've since learnt to push it open with my snout and let myself in there!! BOL BOL
Mom explains that the baby gate's door opens only one-way (now it opens towards front door).
She could have installed it the opposite way so that I cannot push my way out, but it is more convenient for THEM if it's installed like it is now.

But I usually only push through when I'm desperate enough:

  • Delivery man just left and I can still smell him;
  • Alone at home and I just want to get to the front door; or
  • Just feel like doing some sniffing there!
There were times when mom looked everywhere in the house but couldn't find me. She would then remember this place and had a good laugh when she found me here - sitting silently and patiently.

15 August 2016

I Love My Mom

Including her smell of course. When we love someone, we should love everything about her/him.

We love them most when they perspire (so we can lick), don't we? BOL

13 August 2016

Got Chased By VacBot

Every weekday morning, Mom would run the vacBot after we send Dad off to work. We then go back to bed with door closed and the vac would do its job cleaning the living room.

Mom says I am very slow in moving my butt to the bedroom.  Am I? BOL...

I always take my own sweet time walking down the hallway because I am not afraid of the vac!!

well, NOT until it touches me!!! Then I jumped! 

12 August 2016

Look Over Here

    Mom: "Look over here, Bowie!"

No, I shan't look!

Mom: "C'mon...Look over here, Bowie!"

*okay, I'll give her just one look. Else no one fills up my food bowl later.*

09 August 2016

Milk Anyone?

I received this milk as a complimentary item when I ordered some treats sometime ago.
Boy, it was DELICIOUS!!

Anyone else drink pup's milk?
I'm getting mom to buy me more of this milk!

08 August 2016

Sleep In Monday

What better way to catch up on our much needed beauty sleep than to sleep in on MONDAY!!!

06 August 2016

After Outtakes

I decided to be a good boy today after yesterday's outtake shots.

So I made sure to put my million dollar smile and posed nicely for mom.

hmmm... not that good; think i can do better.

bigger smile. Is this better? 

how about flipping down some fringe? Cool? Punky?

Aha! This kinda nailed it! 

So which of the above (Top down A - D) you guys prefer?