09 February 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

It will be CNY again SOON (this year it clashes with Valentine's Day). I know because I see jars of yummies the hoomans called CNY Goodies!

CNY Goodies

"Mommy...... can I have a bite?? pleeeeaaasseee?!

Bowie-Mommy: Nope! They are not meant for you, plus they are also not healthy for you! (Bowie's thot: Duh! They are also not healthy for Mommy and Daddy. Watch those calories and those expanding waistlines *roll eyes*)

New Bed Again (And Again)??

Sleeping on recycled shopping bag!

Bowie-Mommy: Bowie-Daddy again left an empty recycled shopping bag on the floor.  When I turned around from my computer desk (the bag was near the wall behind me), I had to laugh at the silly boy. Check it out here as this was not the first time! hmm ... ...^_^