28 July 2011

Yummy Durian

Yes! Finally after quite a long wait I got to taste the heavenly fruit again! It is Durian, also known as the King of Fruits in Southeast Asia.  

"The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour, strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard the durian as fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and offensive. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine and gym socks. The odour has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia." [Quoted]

For hoomans, it is either they love it or they hate it.  Personally I think us doggies would love it due to its strong aroma.  Santa (and her gang) has previously blogged about this same fruit before here.  Today it is my turn.

This is the flesh (wrapping the seeds) already removed from their spikey shell.  Santa has a nice photo of the flesh still in the shell, do go over to view.

How I'd wish videos can capture aroma too so you furriends can smell it and decide if you'd like it!


27 July 2011

Help End Bear Farming

Right now, there are at least 12,000 bears suffering in Asia. They are held captive in tiny cages and shocking conditions. These bears are farmed needlessly for the bile contained in their gall bladders which is used to make Traditional Asian Medicine. Their reality is a lifetime of suffering and pain.
If you believe that bear farming is cruel and must end, please sign the appeal and join the campaign. Your signature can make a difference. 

I read the following article and ended up with a tear-filled face.

Please please sign the appeal my furriends!  

23 July 2011

Earn Free Kibble For Shelter Dogs

The original post is here.  

Have you heard about  Freekibble and its companion site,Freekibblekat?  They were founded three years ago by Mimi Ausland who was 11 years old at the time.

Mimi started volunteering at her local shelter and realized that the organization and others like it often had trouble stocking enough food to feed the animals in their care.  She and her parents launched the websites, which allow visitors to help by answering trivia questions about dogs and animals. Each day that a visitor clicks on a trivia question, the site donates 10 pieces of kibble to a needy shelter — even if the site visitor gets the answer wrong.


Are you more of a cat person?  No problem, you can help shelter cats too by clicking this link!

Be sure to tell your friends.  If you have a website then please consider placing one of the Freekibble banners on it.  Food is such a basic necessity and this is a way to help provide healthy food to hungry dogs and cats across the United States.

In the last year, these sites have donated more than 5 million meals to more than 125 animal shelters across the country.  To date more than 53,000 visitors have answered trivia questions every day at Freekibble and another 47,000 have visited Freekibblekat with588,779, 970 pieces of kibble donated since 2008.

There is also a companion site called Freekibblekids, which inspires younger children to help animals. Mimi also founded the Freekibble Foundation, which helps fund further food donations to shelters.

Just this past June a semi-truck filled with 40,000 pounds of dog and cat food delivered food to 15 animals shelters from Tennessee to Utah.  All of the food donated through the site is provided by Halo, Purely for Pets, a company co-owned by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Be a helping paw!  Click the banner, play the trivia game and feed a shelter dog today! 

22 July 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Butters for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm supposed to share seven facts about my peeps and then pass the award on to fifteen new, or newly discovered, bloggers' hoomans. So here are seven things about my peeps:

1.   Mommy is a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) to me and I am the only (fur)kid at home. They have no plans to have human kid(s) so there's no fear of fighting due to jealousy BOL.

2.   Mommy was an Accountant before being a SAHM.  Studied at a university in Perth, Western Australia.  Coincidentally, I was also born in Western Australia!

3.   I'm my peeps' first dog. Actually there was a Chihuahua before me, but he was super sticky that he'd whined and cried even as Mom left him alone just to get a drink from the kitchen!! She almost had nervous breakdown even though he was only with them for about a week. Luckily his previous owner was most happy to have him back (and kept him for good after that!). Mom cried on the day they returned the Chihuahua whom they named Chino. I joined this family 3-4 months after that. That was Year 2003, Sep 6.

4.   Mommy is more doting on me than Daddy. She protects me more while Daddy thinks that she's spoiling me bad! When Daddy chases me in play, I always run to Mom for cover.

5.   Mommy got interested in bread-making these past 2 years, with the help of a breadmaker machine of course. She doesn't go to any baking class but self learnt from others' blogs. Sadly none of the yeasty smelling dough ended up in my tummy!

6.   Food blogs are the other items of interest that appear in Mommy's Google Reader besides our doggies' blogs.

7.   We do not have the luxury of owning a car as it is too expensive here where we live (an average 1600cc japanese car costs maybe about USD70,000 before other expenses...just an approximation as I know nuts about cars). So we always travel in cab, with me in a crate, when going for visits to vet etc.

Now, passing on the award to these great bloggers (not in any order of preference).  Please ignore if you'd already gotten the award from sumbuddy else):

SPA, Anyone?

OMD, I need to dig a hole to hide.  How can I be seen "dressed" like this??!
*runs off to hide*


21 July 2011

Beefy Reunion

After a long absence, Mr. Beef Tail and I had a reunion 2 days ago. ^_^

Pee-S: I stayed on the newspapers throughout, not dirtying the floor. *proud*

20 July 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday - Smile and Play

* Above photo with fish-eye effect *
  * Those below were taken with High Speed Burst.  I was actually running playing fetch, not leisurely walking as the photos seem to suggest. *


19 July 2011

Meal Time Part 3



Nom nom nom nom......

Done! Oops, there's still 1 kibble left!  One must not waste food.

After food moi must come here if you still remember

18 July 2011

King's Bed

Am not referring to the size of the bed.  Am talking about moi, the KING, in my hoomans' my bed! 

Mommy threatened warned me that I MUST hide her face or else! 

This is how I like to stick my butt and back to Mom!

So comfy!

This is Daddy's side of the bed where I usually take over (after he'd left to work early in the mornings). My back is in line with the pillow ... ... somehow I love to do that, even sleeping on the floor being in line with the wall.

One thing I want to mention is the mattress.  It's a rather new one being used only from Feb this year, and Mom actually won it in a lucky draw (if only it's a Toto she won! *day dreaming*). It's a Serta Hotel Collection - Grand Suite mattress.  It is 14" (34cm) thick plus the bed frame's height about 10" (25cm),  total height is a whopping 24" (59cm) which is a lot for this small doggie here.  First time I tried jumping up this new bed, I slided back down to the floor after slamming the side of the mattress!!  Our old mattress was 4" (10cm) shorter... I had started to have problem jumping even that height due to age I don't know why.

From then on my hoomans will carry me up and down the bed like a king whenever I want to go up or down.  There are times that I'll just go up/down on my own as I'm a daredevil! BOL and that sends Mom's heart pumping hard.  Not a perfect jump up the bed, I'll still be like hanging at the edge of a cliff using my biceps to pull up my hind legs.  She's just so scared that I'll break my skinny lil' legs one day :P   

14 July 2011

Bowie Gaga

Lady Gaga was in town last week to promote her new album ""Born This Way".  I saw her on TV and was inspired insPAWired by her ever changing dressing.  Unfortunately I do not have as much resources and $$$$$$ as her so please bear with my "Bowie Gaga" looks:


Traditional Chinese:

 Feminine Pretty In Pink:

Traditional Japanese:

(Japanese) Geisha



13 July 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday - HOT Summer Days


My hoomans and I stay in Singapore, an island country near the Equator so we have summer all year round.  But the weather has been so erratic recently, it's especially hot and humid these days. Boo!

10 July 2011

My Laptop - Part 2

4 years ago (click to view):

Now: (Old habits really die hard)


  Woken up!

Sleeping on Mom's lap = My lap.top