25 May 2007

Waiting For Daddy Again

Usually around 6+pm I will be stationing myself in the living room, FACING THE FRONT DOOR because Daddy may come home any minute.  The moment I hear Daddy's keys I'll be FLYING to the door and then jumping up and down like bouncing ball.  At that stage I'd usually be ignoring Mommy's commands asking me to be quiet :P

You think that I'll surely be on the floor waiting??? WRONG!

Wow! Didn't know I have a nice long tail ... BOL...

Oh no! My eyelids getting heavy!

Cannot sleep! I must be the first to be at the door when Daddy comes home!

*heard the sound of keys..........flew to the door.................*

22 May 2007

Four Years Old Today

22 May 2007, my 4 years old birthday!   But funny leh, how come whole day nothing happened?? No celebration for me, no nothing!! *wails*

 I waited ...

 and waited ...

 still waiting...... oei Mommy!! How come boh happening de? Where's my birthday cake?!

Mommy: "Bowie, you are too impatient! The day has not ended ... and Daddy not home yet too, so we cannot begin celebration.  Be patient for a while more ok?  Good boy ya?"
Hence I was so happy and kan-cheong when after the humans' dinner Mommy took out something from the fridge.  *sniff sniff*  hmm... I could smell that it is something sweet. Must be a cake!

Turn out ...

It's a fruit jelly!!
It's got apple and mango chunks inside. Mommy said because my skin is bad so better don't eat anything 'too fancy'.

And so the whole drill for birthday photos posing began:

 Sorry photo a little blur... dunno if I was the one who moved or Daddy's hand shook??? I wonder ... 

 Mommy din let me go near the jelly yet, so I pretend to sit near near ... hee hee
and now you see me,


PSST..! Tell y'all a secret! This jelly in the photos, it is not MINE!! Mine's another smaller bowl and without any sugar. But because Mommy screwed up, it doesn't look as nice as the one in these photos so she used the above (for their own consumption) for photo-taking.  Boo! Mommy cheated! Boo!

Some Random Photos

Mommy's been lazy, din log on to the blog to let me update.  Anyway, to be fair to her, there hasn't been much going on too that's why!

 Close-up view of the following:

... view from where Mommy sits at the computer. 

See my messy fringe? It just got messed up by my rolling on the bed and rubbing my face.  One of my favourite activities ho ho ho ... ...