30 May 2011


Today Mom applied Frontline Plus on me so off the clothes to avoid staining.  Ooh! I feel so naked!! @-@

Can y'all see my teary eyes?? *sob sob* This is so humiliating! Oh Mom, pleeeease stop taking my naked pics will ya?! 

 *I don't want to take pics.  Shall pretend to sleep.*

I will not forget this day! I swear!

    A crying Bowie

22 May 2011

I Am 8 Years Old


What?! It's my birthday barkday today???

Wow! Are these my yummies...?

What do you mean, NO?  Grrr... you call this a barkday????!!!!!!!!!

What happened to those yummies I used to get previous barkdays??

Ok then.  Guess I need to catch up on my beauty snooze to retain my youthfulness and keep the calories away to retain my shapely macho figure!

Pee-S: Mom promised me a tonne more hugs and kisses to make up for the lack of yummies this year!

18 May 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Lap Dog Demo

I can lap there for eternity till Mom asks me to move when her legs cramp. (^_^)

10 May 2011

New Hairstyle? Bad Hair Day?

New Hairstyle or Bad Hair Day.

Which do you think it is?


06 May 2011

My Water Bowl

The design of the bowl is supposed to avoid doggies wetting their (long) beards since the beards won't be swimming in a big pool of water.  

Well, it does its job BUT me just love to flip my tongue left and right on my beards right after drinking.  So that still wet my beards somewhat but it's a big improvement.  With regular bowl my beard was dripping water at times! Been using the bowl for a good 3-4 years now.

03 May 2011

Mom's New Toy

When Mom told me that she's gonna get herself a new toy, it didn't occur to me that IT can move by itself! Mine would all just lie there and I've got to go fetch them, it's so unfair! 

Turned out it not only moves by itself, it gives out loud sound too though not as loud as Mr. Vacuum.  My friends, see the thing that moves around in the video below? That's the toy.  Mom says it's name is Roomba.

It is so smart to go dock itself to recharge battery.  *Yawn*... I need to recharge too!