28 January 2017

Fashion Trend 2017

How's my new hat, Mom? I think it's going to a popular fashion his year.

27 January 2017

So Near Yet So Far

Post by Bowie's mom:

I looked up and saw that he was pushing the baby-gate halfway through to go over the other side. Before I knew it, I was calling him and he reversed. Haha.

Then I encouraged him to try again (coz I wanted to take a picture! hehe) but he just didn't dare coz I was watching.

23 January 2017

Gate Crasher

Mom, I think you've titled this post incorrectly.
For sure I didn't crash into any gate.

21 January 2017

Handy Booties

Yep! I had been licking enjoying my front paws when no one's looking.

Think that was the end of the story?? Noooooo....

Couldn't lick my paws so I had to find substitutes.

I licked the floor in between those paws instead. Aren't I clever?  Heeheeheeeee...

Mom was fuming mad BOL

19 January 2017

My Favourite Bedroom Corner

Yo! Today I'm going to show you my favourite corner in MY the bedroom.

Here it is!

Which is under the wall-hung bedside table just next to mom's side of the bed. 
My cushion is not always there though...

Yeah... this is just me in my weird sleeping position, moving further out from the corner BOL

17 January 2017

Hot Dog

The sun's been shining through the balcony (since last Oct or so!) when it is really sunny (and HOT!). [The sun shifts position throughout the year; at other months it doesn't shine through our balcony side].

Maybe that is why I get shoo-ed off balcony almost every time I lay there in the sun???
Mom's excuse? Scared that I get heat stroke or become a hotdog.

13 January 2017

First Walk in Booties

So it was time to test out how I do walking in those booties.

And I've got a video for you guys too! Note that it has not been altered in speed.


I walked so fast it was like I grew wings, mom said!

She had to struggle to keep up (holding my leash, my poop bag and the cell phone recording this video making sure not to shake too much!) BOL

Nowadays I've been walking strolling at 'ridiculously' slow speed.
I guess age has really caught up with me *sigh*

During the walk 1 bootie from hind leg flew off when I did the horse-kick after peeing. Hahaha

Then later mom suddenly discovered only 3 pieces left on me. So we quickly retraced our steps and retrieved the 'lost' bootie.  What an adventure.

Now after this test walk run we're gonna wait to use them again for rainy days.

12 January 2017

My Booties

My very first pair set of booties!

In case anyone is wondering why only 1 pair booties, coz mom wanted me to have a feel of it first. Didn't want to scare me with all 4 only to have me frozen on the spot BOL

uh oh uh oh ... ... this is kinda weird

Ok ok, I was a little bit frozen at first even with only 2 pieces. But as soon as I saw mom walked into the kitchen, I followed! bwahahaha... 

Mom fed me some green beans ... and I was a happy pupper! (^_^)

These boots are meant to be worn indoors hence the soles are thin (skidproof). They can still be worn outdoors but will get worn out faster.

Mom got them because:
  1. my only set of socks are too loose. So these are to replace the socks indoors whenever I chew/bite/lick my paws. They are super easy to put on/off. Just slide the paw in, press the lock button, push it in and lock.
  2. she wants to be able to walk me even when the grounds are wet after not-too-heavy-rain (she does not like my paw furs getting soaked). And guess what? Mom took 1 pc and put under running tap for several seconds, the tissue paper inside did not get wet at all! Fantastic, waterproof! 

    Ready for some actions!

11 January 2017

Sleepy Wednesday

   Stretching my arm...


Do you guys do that? You lick your tongue a few times when preparing to sleep, kinda like *really* going to sleep..?

10 January 2017


   That's a mini-sized 30% alcohol.

Don't judge an alcohol by its size. 
See, I was knocked out BOL

04 January 2017

What Happened The Week Before Christmas 2016

On the Monday before Christmas, Mommy left the house early in the morning with a rectangular box on wheels! Where the hell was she going, leaving me and Daddy at home???!!!

Here I was, wondering where she went... and feeling lost... :'(

Then later in the morning, I was whisked off by Daddy and sent to my 7-day home-boarding!

    A summary of my activities in those 7 days. Top left: Bathed before going home!

I had my walkies with a pug named Wayne. Why?

  1. We both seniors;
  2. We do not like each other so we were supposed to bond.

Inside elevator, waiting for its door to open...

See? We walk far apart and didn't look at each other BOL

On Christmas day, Daddy fetched me home hooray!

Showing Daddy it was time for my dinner.  Psst..he undergone training by mom before she left 
on how to prepare my raw meals BOL

Time to snooze and wait for my woman to be home!