21 April 2006

Who Messed Up My Hair

Who else but myself! When my fringe was long, any head-shake will result in the above. Plus the fact that I like to roll myself around my humans' bed didn't help much. Can you imagine me walking around looking like the above if mommy didn't help me brush back my fringe in place? Sometimes mommy purposely didn't want to help me and laughed herself silly looking at my comical look. Bad mommy!

Wah-lau! Is that ME above??? piangz... ... must not let my girlfriend see this pic man; sekali she thinks I'm on Ecstasy! (Noted by Bowie-Ma: *bowie trying to delete the pic but not successful*)

My First Time ... ... ...

Wearing Clothes!! *what did you think of? tsk...tsk...tsk*

It is a striped polo shirt by Dogfever bought from Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok. I was told I looked handsome and cute in it; but I didn't care much as I was more interested in the dangling treat in front of me (which explains why I was looking at one particular direction in all the above pics). Humans! Make us dogs wear clothes just to satisfy their own fancies in dressing us up; so bo-liao (ie. nothing better to do)!

My Different Sleeping Positions (Part 2)

Oohh..! Am I cute or what? hahaha.... thick-skinned ya? I'm not sure about other canines but I sure like squeezy spaces. One of my fav places to snuggle & sleep is ... ... (*psst...mommy doesn't allow me to tell, but I think it's alright to say :P *) ... in-between mommy's legs!! Now, don't think 'crooked' k? The legs just form a natural v-shape when opened, forming a fan-shaped bolster bed where I can rest my chin on either leg. Mommy has a photo but she wouldn't give it to me, so sorry folks! No pic to show.

More sleeping poses below:

Hahaha.... I'm such a sleeper that I've mastered the most coveted skill of able to sleep without lying down! Believe me??? heeheehee.... nah, the cammy just caught me while blinking my eyes. ^_^

Oh gosh! I think I must have really slept a lot for mommy to be able to take soooo many pics of me sleeping, aiyooo....jialat!

18 April 2006

My Different Sleeping Positions (Part 1)

Before any of you starts to question if the above poses were manually choreographed by my mommy, NOPE!, they were all spontaneously done by yours truly ^_^. Cute eh? Oh, forgot to add that I was still a puppy then (1st pic about 5 months; 2nd pic about 7 months).

Above pic: that was my mommy's arm I was sleeping and resting on. I love to sleep on her lap, even till now when I'm coming to 3 years old!!

Whoahahaha.... I have no idea why the above 'legs up' position is so comfy, and why I only turn my head to my right with this sleeping pose.... I had no idea mommy took these pics secretly without asking for my prior permission! oh gosh ... I feel quite embarassed *face turns pink*

16 April 2006

Cute Butt

Butts may not be the nicest things in the world, but my mommy simply love the sight of my butt! The last pic above was taken not long after my fur was cut short (*ahem* a little too short, i know, leaving me with little modesty *wails*) during my last and latest outbreak of yeast infection. My fur has all along been quite thin so it looks even more botak after cutting short. Being my butt-lover, mommy just couldn't resist taking my butt pics! Notice those cute little curls hanging down my ass in the first 3 pics? :P These curls of mine had earned me the title of Curly King ok? ^_^

Sleeping on Study Table

These photos were taken (in Feb 2006) with my daddy's hp hence the quality are so-so. Anyway, I requested to be carried up onto the study desk and comfortably dozed off while the humans were using the computer hahaha... Sometimes I feel quite neglected as I'm short and cannot view what's going on on top of the desk :( But I know the trick by now -- I only need to whine and look pitiful; mommy being soft-hearted will usually accede to my request immediately :P