24 September 2008

So Near ... Yet So High!

My treats are placed just after the kitchen entrance.  Each time Mommy goes into the kitchen, my gaze will surely fall onto that place (on that particular container keeping my treats airtight).  I will look at it LONGINGLY ... then look at Mommy (hoping that she will go there and give me my treats!) and then back to my treats.  Most of the time I will even stop walking and just stood frozen there. Mommy: "Yeah, stand there and hope for your treats to fall right???"


Cocoa said...

I know how you feel Bowie! I can't reach my treats on the table too! But Barley could and now mum has to keep our treats higher! @%#$@%

bowiethesilky said...

Mine aren't placed on the table, they're on top of the oven which is on top of the kitchen cabinets!!! Tok about kiasu-ism!