23 May 2009

Happy 6th Barkday

Today is my 6th barkday! In terms of hooman's age, I am about 37 - 40 years old ... OMG!

(note: a quick Google search showed that it is not accurate to simply multiply a dog's age by 7 since dogs reach adulthood within the first couple of years.  Anyway since no one can really verify that, no point worrying about that heh).

Daddy said I'm going to have mid-life crisis soon.  *Very funny Daddy, see my paws are laughing!*

Taa...daa...! My barkday cake that Mommy baked!
It's an American Carrot Cake. There's healthy (grated) carrot inside! But there's also not-so-healthy sugar too so not the whole cake you see is mine. :'(

Mommy: "Bowie, I see you are drooling. You want?"

Noooo! I don't want such a small one! I want the whole cake! Hmph!

*Should I or should I not take this smaller cake?*

*Think I'd better take it. Better than nothing right?*

Ok Mommy, deal!

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