03 April 2013


Mommy gave me a new toy a couple of weeks ago. And it looks like me, a dog! With a bungee body and 2 squeakies ... 1 on the head and 1 at the tail end.

On the first morning Mom passed Dog-Dog to me, I played with it almost the entire day! It was the first time ever that I ever like a toy soooo much.

Warning: lots of photos!

I carried it to my bed no.1.

I also played with it on my bed no.2.

Needed to catch my breath for a while. See how long Dog-Dog is and its head as big as mine!

Played in mom's study.

Not forgetting the balcony.

Refusing to stop, so... ...

Daddy said "time-out" :(

Finally taking 40 winks on top of Dog-Dog in the evening!

Come bed time at night, I was still playing refusing to sleep:

 ... running in the room with Dog-Dog hanging in my mouth...

...wanting to go up mom's bed...

In the end, mom and dad decided to ignore me and just went to sleep.  I was knocked out too subsequently BOL

A week later, Dog-Dog is still the one I go to when I want to play.

I still play with Kitty-Kitty occasionally.  Poor Kitty, mom says.


scotsmad said...

Dog-dog sounds like a fantastic toy! The two of you really love playing.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Two French Bulldogs said...

We love those toys. You sure do make it look enjoyable. You must be exhausted from flinging it around so much
Benny & Lily