05 July 2008

Newspapers and I (Part 2)

This post I shall continue to elaborate on my weird interest on the newspapers (please refer my other post on "Newspapers and I") to have a clearer picture before reading on.  :)

So, Mommy spread open the newspapers:
Wondering why there's no sign of ME???? That's because I was away from the scene fetching my Bear-Bear!! LOL!

Here I come!

After bringing Bear-Bear to the newspapers, I drop it and wait. Wait for what? Wait for Mommy to snatch it and throw it so we can play fetch! But I don't usually let Mommy snatch Bear-Bear so easily as I will play tug-of-war with her first heeheeheeee... though most of the time I lose to Mommy :'(

 I waited...
 I waited and waited but there was no action from Mommy. She was busy taking pictures! Duh!

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