15 February 2011

Toilet Upgrade


 (yes! I pee with one hind leg lifted. Used to pee like a bitch girl but I'm a MAN now BOL!)

Made a U-turn and had my paws hands and feet auto-wiped! Kudos to Mommy's bright idea with the rug.

Upgraded to pee tray! It wasn't a successful switch upgrade on the 1st try (another tray) as I simply refused to step up onto the tray; I didn't pee for long hours so Mommy relented as she worried I might burst my bladder! Mommy didn't give up and ... voila!

No need to wipe hands nor feet now! *proud*

PeeS: I am an indoor doggie.  We do not have our own backyard or garden like most of you do as we stay in an apartment, so Mommy figured it is easier for all of us if I do my business indoors. Anytime anywhere any weather!


Deb said...

looks like you've got it figured out...

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

Our brother, Rocky, would lift his leg and pee on the wall eventhough he was standing in the tray.