23 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I am so excited! This is my first time EVER receiving an award!! Actually I got 2 of the same award BOL....A BIG thank you to Downunder Daisy and I am Santa, a Miniature Schnauzer who gave me the award! 

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass on the award to other blogger friends.  Perhaps you have heard some of the things before but may be so long ago that it is okay for me to repeat here ^_^ :

1.     As we stay in (high rise) apartment, none of our furnitures are near/next to the windows for MY safety even though the windows are all grilled up.  But I love to look outside the windows sometime. So what I do is:

  • jump up to the nearest sofa, 
  • look at Mommy and whine a bit, 
  • then stand with my front paws up on the sofa armrest facing the window,  
  • Mommy or Daddy gets my message and:

 (neighbour: "Is that a spiderdog???!!")

2.   I am scared of lots of things, for example umbrellas (open and closed), plastic bottles, soft type of doggie carriers/bags (I dare not go in them!) etc etc...AND not to forget the "lamp shade":

 Help! I am not a bulb! Why put me in a lamp shade???

3.   I have separation anxiety.  Mommy video taped me before and saw that I would sit down for few seconds then paced around the room/house restlessly.  She believes that I behave this way throughout the whole duration that I am home alone! 

Above pic was the first video they took when I was alone.  Nope, I wasn't watching TV ...it wasn't even turned on. I was looking high and low for Mommy. I howled and howled ... Now we have another sofa already and its design does not allow me to pull the above stunt anymore.

4.   See that something below the sofa? That was a Kong toy.  Mommy is thankful that I LOVE FOOD above any other things!  She stuffs my Kongs with food and leave them in the kitchen in order to keep me there while she quickly leaves the house.  However, my anxiety kicks in once I am done with the Kongs and find Mommy missing! :(

5.   By now you would have noticed that I wear clothes most of the time.  The reason is because of my skin problems, not vanity.  Since late puppyhood, I have been plagued with pimply skin, rashes, fungus infection...which makes me itch and scratchy!  So by wearing clothes, it helps to protect my skin from being scratched red/raw! (We have gone through food elimination, eaten raw, tried vegetarian (resulting in heaps of poo!) and till now, only dry food no treats. Still nothing works!) *cry*

6.   Licking is my best hobby!  I lick the tiled floor, the bed(sheet), the sofa, my paws, mommy's legs, daddy's legs, daddy's face, my cushion cover...and the list goes on.  

7.   I bark at 'silly' things! I bark when:
  • daddy gets out from shower;
  • there's sound outside our door;
  • I am on my walks - bark at boisterous children, adults carrying opened umbrellas or wearing caps or wearing glasses, some things along my familiar route which were not previously there, a big banner etc etc...but sometimes I do not bark at all when passing by the above-said people. Strange indeed but don't ask me why! :P

Now, I am passing the award to:
  1. from sophie's view
  2. Paw Steps to Happiness
  3. My three boys and a bird dog
  4. The World According to Lexi


  1. We enjoyed hearing about your seven things. We didn't know about most of them. We love food most of all, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Oh gosh, you being the spiderdog there scares us! You could have fallen off that window. If your head can get through that grille, I'm sure your body can too. Sorry to learn that you have skin problems. Couldn't the vet solve your problem? Hope your human finds the solution soon so that you'll feel better and not itch so much.

    So glad you did this, we've got to know quite a bit about you now.

  3. Don't worry, the Spiderdog pic may look scary but my humans hold me VERY tight! Also the grill size is not as big as it looks BOL!

    Nope the vet can't do anything other than prescribing the usual antibiotics etc. Mom doesn't like to load me with too much meds, so she'll use vinegar-water solution to wipe me, or apply natural ingredients' cream etc.

    Thank you for the award, or I wouldn't have done this post ^_^

  4. Bowie you are so sweet to pass the award on to us...we will do a post with the seven things...

  5. Thanks for passing on the award and for sharing about yourself; we're sorry to hear about your skin problem.
    Lots of love,
    Bella and Ollie.

  6. I am very much tardy with my "thank you's". Dad is constructing a post thanking a few bloggers for being so generous with the Awards. You should come by soon to see it. He's 1/2 way done now, so keep coming back if it's not available yet...have a great end to your w/e! Cheers!

  7. try some anti itch medicated shampoo from the vet for his skin problem. you can also try to put him on antibiotic.

    avoid chicken..its heaty and can cause more rashes.



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