01 March 2008

My Laundry

Yes! I also have my laundry!!!  And I need not get my hands (oops! I mean paws) wet! :P

See the hanger? That's the children's clothes hangers LOL! Just nice for my clothes leh :)

Those towels hanging in line with my tee? They are all MINE alright? Crazy right? Mommy lor! She super kia-su... 1 for placing under my water bowl, 1 for wiping my dicky after peepee, 1 for wet-wiping and 1 for dry-wiping my muzzle after meals, 1 for wiping mouth after drinking and then 1 for wiping after walks. 6 of them! *faint; can somebody please record that in the Guiness World Records book? Thank you.*

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