23 April 2009

Hot Spots

It has been an unlucky year 2009 for me thus far! Just 2 months ago I had to endure the pain and ugliness an abscess caused to my cheek (refer here if you didn't know about it). Now? It's Hot Spots!!! D@mn! Look what they do to me:


The fur on the affected area (with pus oozing out) has to be shaved off in order to air the sores and also easier to be cleaned and for the topical powder to be administered.  So ugly! 


Now, the picture above did not show my tail.  See what happens to it:





Don't worry, it's not hurt/damaged/injured.  Mommy wrapped it with a mesh dressing so that the fur on tail does not get all gooey with the pus as I kept wagging my tail on the shaven area (Mommy: yup! your tail was like a spoilt windscreen wiper ... couldn't stop LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT swiping on the sores!) like this:



  1. dropping by to say hi. n i saw this pic i felt really sorry for ur dog. how is he now? is it coz by mites? i have 3 dogs and a cat. my cat often have dermatitis problems too and is due to ear mites.

  2. Hi Kat, thanks for visiting! Bowie is fine now, that bald patch is now fully grown with fur, only that the fur is much coarser (and of different colour!) compared to its surrounding's. It wasn't caused by mites. Vet unable to pinpoint any particular reason too.


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