16 November 2010

Hot Spots 2

Erm... ... not hot spots for wi-fi okay??!

What rotten luck! I've got these yucky hot spots again! The last time was last year. Mommy detected the 1st spot 2 days ago, she felt something lumpy and then something wet when she touched my back. Quickly rang the vet but the earliest appointment we could be fixed for was this morning. So we off we went to the vet first thing in the morning. Again I needed to be shaved at the affected area:

Of course we can't expect a good styling. Most important is to have the area air out to dry.

Note from Mommy: Bowie screamed a little when those hairs that got stuck with the dried pus was shaved over. My heart was also in pain :'(  I was holding him down but my eyes were shut and my knees were shaking, no kidding.  Luckily Daddy was also there helping us.

My tail has to be bandaged as it is constantly swiping over the wounds.

Resting after antibiotics medicine plus an injection given to stop itchiness, lest I lick at the wound. I can't be put on the 'lamp shade' thingy as that thingy stresses me out!

Sleeping behind the sofa. Mommy watches me like a hawk!

Sleeping against Mommy, yeah!

Wish the yuckies will quickly heal and my nice fur growing back. So f**king ugly now!


  1. You poor baby!!! That looks so irritating. Are you allergic to something?

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hi.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Hi, Bowie! We just saw your name over at Scotsmad and were immediately attracted because you have the same name as the town we live in! Ours is pronounced "Boo-ie," not "Bow-ie," because it was named after a family a long time ago.

    We read about your owies. Jed had EXACTLY the same thing, including getting itchy & infected and having to get shaved and take antibiotics all the time. We finally got allergy testing and he's been on allergy shots once a week for the past 18 months. Has not had a single problem since. Just thought the info might help. If your problem is not year-round, you might not have to take the shots all the time, or maybe not as often as every week. But allergy shots sure improved Jed's life.

    Jed & Abby


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