25 April 2011

Meal Time S.O.P.

Standard Operating Procedures of my meal time.

1.  Eat, of course!
Pee-S: I was wearing a new tee. ^_^
Pee-SS:  My bowl was on top of a cheap make-do bowl stand which was an old ice cream tub as Mommy does not want to strain my neck too much.

This is another new tee ^_^  ^_^

2.  After eating, my mouth would be wiped.  

3.  Then I'd walk to my personal toilet to pee.
See how I balance on 3 legs? BOL!!

Nope not done yet.  There's more to the above S.O.P.  Stay tuned!


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  2. Nice tees you have there, Bowie. Did you aim right over at your personal toilet?


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