30 May 2011


Today Mom applied Frontline Plus on me so off the clothes to avoid staining.  Ooh! I feel so naked!! @-@

Can y'all see my teary eyes?? *sob sob* This is so humiliating! Oh Mom, pleeeease stop taking my naked pics will ya?! 

 *I don't want to take pics.  Shall pretend to sleep.*

I will not forget this day! I swear!

    A crying Bowie


  1. Aaw Bowie, we sympathise, we hate that Frontline stuffs too :-( At least it means we don't get none of them horrible fleas and ticks - yuk! Dex & Lou x

  2. Oh yuck! Even though I don't wear clothes, I still hate it when my humans put the flea treatment chemicals on me!!

    By the way, I just realised I forgot to answer your question about the video editing - Hsin-Yi uses Windows Movie Maker which comes free with the pc, to edit all our movies. And one of the things you can choose under the "Visual Effects" menu is "Speed Up Double" - you can apply that affect to any section of a video. So that is what Hsin-Yi uses. You can even apply the effect twice, to speed it up even more (which is what she did in my video - coz I'm SOOOO slow!). There is also "Slow Down" - which is really cool - makes you move in slow motion! You can use the special cutting/trimming button first to cut out the section in the footage that you want to speed up and just apply the effects to that section. If your humans use a PC with Windows, they should have WMM installed on it for free - or they can download it (just Google it). If they're on Mac, there should be a similar video editing programme that comes installed although we have never used that so we don
    t know how that works - but we imagine the functions would be similar!

    Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Hi Bowie, I'm sorry - I thought I had already followed your blog before - but must have forgotten to push the button!! All good now!

    About my harness - yep I like that one too. My mum bought it from a website called petitude.com.au which she found off ebay. They were an Australian site but shipped worldwide. However, they seem to not be trading anymore! We can't make the website show any products! Anywho - the brand on the harness is "peppets" and on doing a search - we found a site called "wonpet.com" which also is a wholesale site but it appears you can buy them retail through there. They are pictured on a creamy looking stuffed toy doggie. The harness comes with a matching lead and is reversible and is solid red one side and you have seen the other side already (on me).

    Hope this helps! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.


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