13 August 2011

Puppy Me - Part 3

I posted a photo of puppy-me last year and earlier this year.  Here's more:

12th day when I first came home. Somehow I got the "Sit" right all by myself while waiting for my food.

My grooming station then.  That was a plastic basin inverted over a stool and Mommy would turn it around (like a lazy susan) using it like a real grooming table.  It was a horrendous experience!!! But I behaved well and was soon upgraded to being groomed lying on the floor.

I was so tiny then that I could fit inside the basin, look!

NOW, see how much I've grown:
Yup, it is the very same basin.

Besides growing in size, Mommy says I've also grown to be more timid.  This is the nearest Mommy could put make me near that basin NOW, let alone lying in it! 

My SIGNATURE paw lift, then: 


"Where am I??"


"I'm scared of height!" 

"Hurry up snap the photo and let me down!" *Smiled with legs shaking*

I'll post more if I could dig out some more past photos. 


  1. oh my! You were so tiny then! I love how you used to fit in that basin!

  2. What a cutey patootie you were AND still are Bowie!!

    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo


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