12 November 2011


My beds were cluttered together because Mommy spotted a house lizard in the bedroom!  She is terrified of them.  So she moved my beds far away just in case it got INTO them.

Of course I'd just happily made myself comfortable.  How can I resist 3 beds calling me together? *_*

By the way, I almost always lie against this blue bed's walls, hardly in the middle.



  1. Beds pushed together! What optimal comfort! Lucky you!

  2. House lizards!!! We love to chase the little skinks outside, but they never come in!

    You should call up some friends and have a sleep over with all your beds lined up.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Ooh, house lizards! When mom lived in japan, she actually used to love finding them! Only a few times she was scared ...there was one on the bathroom sink knob and she didn't see it or one time when she found a live one in her cereal box!

    Oh, we love all your beds, they are very pretty!

    yuki and rocket


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