06 November 2012


Please do not be alarmed. The surgery was for my Bear-Bear:

See?  Bear-Bear's asshole was in very serious condition!

(Mommy: Bowie was not anxiously checking on Bear-Bear's condition. Instead he wanted to drag Bear-Bear down to play some more!)

Emergency operation in progress .... (and the guardian anxiously awaiting).

Operation successful! Sutures not nicely done though *ahem*

Couldn't wait to play.

Only to walk off a few seconds later :(  .....

.... to play with another Bear-Bear!


  1. Ouchie, poor Bear Bear that has made mummy's eye's water. We are glad the surgery went well. Don't worry Bowie, Bear Bear will soon be up to playing for longer :)xx

  2. All your work for nothing. Just when you ready to really destuff him, surgery. Don't worry....there'll be another chance!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Aw, Bowie will go back to that bear. It's obviously a fave!


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