14 November 2015

Hazy Days Be Gone

For the past one month or so (since early September), we have been living with HAZE! (aka burnt-smelling air).

You can read more here on what/who caused it (or google "haze indonesia"... no, we do not live in Indonesia - thank God!!! that's one of our neighboring countries). It was the worst ever last year June, with this year close behind. Yes, we have to endure it every fuxking year for about one two months, depending on situations. And the vice president had the cheek to say that they had been providing us with 11 months of fresh air, and we complaint about 1 month of haze.  What a moron!!

Only this past one week plus has the air quality been more or less back to normal.

Photos of hazy vs non-hazy days.

Mommy checked the air quality index everyday to make sure it is okay to walk me.  

Behind the scene shots:

immediately when Mommy let go of me, I dismantled the mask; 
it is not meant for doggies, it was used only as a prop for the photo.

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  1. You watch that air. We've been watching on the news all about that burning off!


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