20 December 2015


My hoomans abandoned left me at my usual boarding camping place fur a very long long 18 days while they went holiday-ing at Europe in last couple of weeks!!!

As my nanny had recently moved to a new apartment and has a new baby (hence lesser snuggle time with me), I was not a happy boy during this 18 days.  Of the many update photos Mommy received, only a handful of me was still smiling for the first few days. The rest showed me with a straight-line lip! I went to sleep inside my crate (which I don't normally do) and even dragged out the little piece of cloth mommy put inside my crate to sleep with me! I heard saw the comments that "Bowie so smart" were being texted by the nanny to mommy.  They were starting to worry whether I was depressed. BOL.


I was immediately back to my normal self once I was back home!! The power of LOVE.

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  1. You're too damn cute to be depressed.

    Aroo to you,


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