29 April 2016

Random Shots

I was having my usual walkie with Mommy when she spotted these:

Our neighborhood has quite a number of stray cats, or community cats as some of us may call them.
Sometimes they snooze under cars, sometimes they are on top, like this one.
I did not get to scream at him/her as it is above my view level BOL...

This is advertisement on top of a cab. Yup, it is quite common in Singapore where we live, though you don't see them all the time. This cab just happened to be parked there when we walked pass.

Interesting? heehee...


  1. Someone's gonna have paw prints all over their car!!!!
    Oh dear, Mum's drooling at the sight of that wine bottle *sigh*
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. What a funny ad
    Lily & Edward


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