30 May 2016


There's a crossing ahead; gotta stop and look out for traffic.

AGAIN, i refused to look at the camera. Mom was pissed BOL.

The above 2 pics are of the same cat, the same cat from this post too!

Another cat relaxing :)


  1. Hehe Bowie, did Mum forget the TREATS? 'Will only look at camera for TREATS!'
    Butt, I must say you do look very handsome there on your walkies, i luffs your harness
    AND, I finks that might be Major Tom the Push-T-Cat from here…the ginger one, I was finking I hadn't seen him fur a few days, maybe he's over wiv you on holiday?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Good camera avoidance, Bowie...BOL! You sure have some SNEAKY cats in your 'hood!


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