14 July 2016

Eating Raw

I started out with kibbles as a puppy.

Then I was put on BARF for a number of years but somehow I didn't seem to be doing that well with it.

Now mom thinks perhaps it was due to her being too greedy anxious in letting me try all the different meat (pork, beef, rabbit, kangaroo...).  I was scratching and sometimes vomiting yellow bile (too hungry!). The scratching could be due to detoxing but mom was too worried as to what the actual cause could be.

So back to kibbles.

Up till around Feb this year. Suddenly I was not interested in kibbles; i turned up my nose when mom put down my bowl of kibbles. It could not be my teeth as I just had them cleaned and checked last Dec.

Added some canned food to kibbles and voila! I slurped up all the food in no time!

Then I went boarding in June and mom got a text from my nanny after one day of stay, that I had MAJOR diarrhoea a few times in the middle of the night!! It was described as the poop just exploded out from my butt! I was better a couple of days later.

I was back to my kibbles + wet food combo when I went home. No diarrhoea. But mom dislike the idea of feeding me canned food because they are salty! I drank lots and lots of water when I was on the canned food. My nanny suggested feeding me BARF (again).

So, back to BARF i am. This time round, just Kangaroo meat (patties). No rabbit, pork, beef etc....yet.

The whitish stuff are probiotics powder that mom added.

Now I clean out my bowl in under 1 minute, including licking-the-bowl-clean time.
No canned food necessary.
I bark and bark and bark loudly whenever mom is preparing to serve my meals; and
I am ready to attack the meat (with ground bones and veggies) even before mom can put down my bowl!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Since we have tried every food imaginable, mom makes my chicken, jasmine rice, sweet potato and string beans for me now. She adds about 20 kibble. Since she has been cooking for me for one year, I have never had an upset stomach or diarrhea anymore. If she only knew! Hope the food works for you.
    Lily (& Edward)

  2. I say Bowie that dinner bowl does look VERY delicious!!!!
    So glad you haf found sumthingy that you enjoy and doesn't upset your tummy after all our foodables are VERY VERY impawtant to us pups
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Crikey Bowie ... We eat the same stuff, mate! That roo stuff is great, aye? I'm a bit bigger than you so I get some raw chicken necks and wings to chew on too. Good, aye?

  4. I would love to try some roo. I hope the roo helps keep your belly to calm.

    Aroo to you,

  5. We love kangaroo...either hopping, so we can chase them, or in our bowl. BOL! We eat a No grain kibble and have something on it: sardines, chicken necks or legs (raw), tinned food, or chicken gizzards in gravy. We LOVE dinner.


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