27 February 2017

Fur Stealer

The fur stealer was here again last Friday!

Mom tried to bribe me with some treat before the job, butt I refused it with pride. Still, I got whisked up onto the stealer's table *cry*

   Butt in exchange for 1.5 hours of stealing job, I am back to being neat and handsome again.

A tiny bit of accident though -- my ear got nipped at the edge by the clipper. So a little bit of blood.
I yelped like a sissy mom said :(
Excuse me?! Try getting your ear nipped mom!

I am not talking to her for the next 1 week. Erm...except meal times perhaps.


  1. I doubt she'd like her ear bleedin!

  2. Crikey Bowie ..... they nipped your ear???????? Fair dinkum?????? Stinkin' fur stealers!!!!! Did you bite 'em???

  3. You DO look VERY handsome Bowie butt.....an ear nip?!?!!
    Oh yes, ask Mom how she'd like that!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. They did a good job stealing
    Lily & Edward

  5. Meal times is always Truce Time, but we can't BELIEVE you got your ear SLICED. Wounded at the groomers! Yeah a week of ignoring your mom is a good penalty!

  6. OMD I can't believe you almost had your ear amputated!

    Aroo to you,


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