21 December 2017

Aftermath of Dental Scaling

I had my first dental works in Dec 2011 when I was about 8.5 yrs young.

Then 2 years later in 2013 (10.5 yrs young); and

again another 2 yrs in 2015 (12.5 yrs young).

Why 2 years? It's just Mom's stupid silly idea because all those chewing on tendons & manually cleaning with gauze don't seem helpful that by around 1 year plus plaque would have built up. Yet, she's worried about me going under so it was a battle between Plaque and Anaesthesia. So 2 years it is - by hook or by crook I must have dental scaling.

SO! This year (and month) the 2 years is up! I'm now 14.5 yrs not-so-young.

2 weeks ago I was scooped up and to the vet we went at 9am! Poor me, left shivering and hungry (cos had to fast) at the vet's to wait for my turn. In all fairness, Mom couldn't sit still at home either worrying about me. Finally, it was over and I was fetched home at 3+pm.

Guess what! It was NOT only dental scaling I was worked on!!! OMG!!!!!

There was a wart that grew on my lower back near the spine. So mr. Nice Vet had it removed surgically while I was unconscious sedated. It was slightly big (ahem...it was slightly smaller than a green bean!) and needed to be stitched up! Looked, my nice fur had to be shaved, What The FISH??!!

   That was me lying in bed at home, though conscious but still weak in my limbs unable to stand!

Wait. Those were NOT ALL.

I also had these skin tags on my right hock and on my right upper lip.
The skin tag about the size of a long grain of rice, looked like this:
This was on my left muzzle but somehow it disappeared; must had dropped off on its own.

Below is my right hock where the circled area is where the skin tag used to be:
The skin tags on my hock and lip were removed by electrocautery, I think? similar to using laser to burn off... Easier to manage, just need to apply cream afterwards for about a week.

Skin tags can usually be left on their own unless they cause problems. But as I was sedated so might as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention that 1 pre-molar was loose and extracted!!! *cry* 
I had 4 teeth removed during the 2015's dental. That made a total of 5 to-date!

Good news was besides the dental works which we had to pay, the wart and skin tags removal were free of charge.

For the rest of the afternoon and night, I was groggy and had to be carried from place to place. Could barely stand up to pee! It seemed that anaesthesia-recovery got worse and worse as I aged :(

I didn't even eat for that whole day. Luckily I got better the next day though wobbly and fell several times, phew!

See you in 2019, Dental Scaling! But I'll try not to and keep up my efforts to keep my teeth clean.


  1. Oh dear sweet Bowie you do look very sorry for yourself! I'm sure that horrid sedation stuffs will wear off quickly and then you can put your new sparkling white teefs to good use on lots of TREATS to make up for your visit to see Mr Vetman....don't furget to play the 'how could you let them do this to me' card wiv Mom for as long as you can, think of all those extra TREATS!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. OMD Bowie! They tell you it's just scaling and then assault your poor body while you're OUT?! We don't think that's FAIR. But then, maybe it's better not to know what's coming. We wish you a speedy recovery and LOTS of treats to make up for your ORDEAL!

    Oh, nice hearing from you--even if it wasn't happy stuff.


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