14 September 2018

Not So Good News

Hello efurrybuddy!

Sorry to be bringing bad news 😔 but we think another lump has grown. Mommy says she can feel it when trying to clean my teeth (I strugglez of course). It's barely 2 months since my last surgery!!! 😓

So we'll be making another visit to the dogtor this Sunday to have it checked out. If it is really another growth, then I'd be up for another lump removal surgery before it gets too big. Will try my best to post an update here.

Nowadays I am either pacing when I'm awake (stumbling here and there too 😅), or sleeping, or eating BOL.

Oh, I got into a jam in the narrow space between a toilet bowl and wall which fits my body width. I have forgotten how to reverse my way out! So I stood there cried for help and mommy came to rescue me phew...

That's all for today 😁


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