03 November 2016

Long Time No Post

Hello?? Did anyone miss me? BOL

I've been MIA for a long 1.5 months!! Gosh, can I please grow some thumbs so I can type my own blog??

Ok, enough with the ranting. Now some updates.

I've been generally fine, except that on Oct 15, mom noticed that I was walking weird with one of my hind legs...she had to observed me for a while to figure out which leg it was BOL and it was my LEFT hind leg. I was not putting much pressure on it when I walked so I was kinda limping.

I had 'fractured' my RIGHT hind knee ligament in 2014 and I was hopping walking with 3 legs then but not this time. So she thought this time it might be something else. I showed no signs of pain / whimpering / whining when she felt and flexed my left hind leg. So she decided to wait out a bit before going to the dreaded 3 letter word place. The V E T.

It didn't improve after 2 weeks (neither did it get worse) so off to the V E T we went. Conclusion at this point is it could be hip arthritis as my hip joints 'don't feel right'. An X-Ray had to be taken to confirm but I'll need to be sedated. So we shall only do the X-Ray the next time when I do teeth cleaning.

I was given 3 days' anti-inflammation med and after that I am supposed to be on some supplements for the hips/joints. The leg is slightly better when I walk but still not much pressure being put onto it...I can still get up from sleeping/lying down position with ease, but the first few steps a bit wobbly. Right now I'm taking Rose-Hip Vital Canine hopefully it'll work wonders like what its testimonials say!

Enough with the boring unhappy stuff! How can a post have no picture, right?

The hoomans were watching The Secret Life of Pets. That was my reaction! 

I am reactive to all those animated stuff and hoomans wearing hats on TV! 
You would be hearing my screams if this was a video BOL

     just lazing around


Julie said...

Oh I do hope your paw leg gets better Bowie, that's not very nice fur you!
Thank you fur the review, I finks I'll get my peeps to watch The Secret Life of Pets, it looks the pawfect film fur us pups!
Now you rest up, take care of the hip/leg and I'm sending you lots of POTP to help make it better
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi sweet pea! You better take care of those bones.
Lily & Edward

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Great to hear from you. We were just thinking about you the other day. Too bad about the ouchies. We hope all that stuff works for you. Our paws are crossed.