04 November 2016


UPDATE on my hip/leg: 
Last evening after my meal and treats, I initiated playing fetch with mom! I could even run* like Bolt whoahahaha... but it was just a short session. Usually that's how I play, kind of like starting with fully charged battery at 100% then it just dropped to 50%...40% so this old creaky bone has got to stop and rest. But mom was happy that at least I was 'in the mood' to play. 
*Oh, I could also run dash towards the door when it comes to W.A.L.K. despite the hip problem :p

Now, for my Sep's collections of snooze time:

    next to coffee table

    halfway under coffee table

    taking over mom's exercise mat

    under coffee table

    under mom's bedside table (front view)

    under mom's bedside table (side view)

    taking over dad's pillow


  1. That's great news, sounds like you hip is feeling much better.
    Its impawtant to get quality rest and trying out different places for a nap is part of that process...right?
    So where's your favourite spot Bowie?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. You keep resting sweet pea. Not a lot of running
    Lily & Edward

  3. Sleeping...you do it well. And what a choice of sleeping places! You need to recharge your battery.


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