07 November 2016

Fussing Around

Fussing Around with my bed.

    who's watching me from behind????

    no one???  hmm... this cushion needs to be placed the right way to feel comfy.

    I'm very sure someone's watching!! I can sense it!

    now i need to turn it this way...

    hmmm no, i think i need to turn this way... ... ...

And the fussing goes on. 
The good thing is, it can start and stop at ANY TIME. 
So it doesn't go on forever.


  1. Crikey Bowie ..... I understand mate!! You've gotta get those cushions just right, aye?? I wasn't watching your behind ...... honest!!

  2. No! No Bowie! It's the dreaded camera trying to ruin all your nap preparations! Don't look!


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