18 April 2006

My Different Sleeping Positions (Part 1)

Before any of you starts to question if the above poses were manually choreographed by my mommy, NOPE!, they were all spontaneously done by yours truly ^_^. Cute eh? Oh, forgot to add that I was still a puppy then (1st pic about 5 months; 2nd pic about 7 months).

Above pic: that was my mommy's arm I was sleeping and resting on. I love to sleep on her lap, even till now when I'm coming to 3 years old!!

Whoahahaha.... I have no idea why the above 'legs up' position is so comfy, and why I only turn my head to my right with this sleeping pose.... I had no idea mommy took these pics secretly without asking for my prior permission! oh gosh ... I feel quite embarassed *face turns pink*

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  1. Lisa (I go on Dogoftheday)31 May 2006 at 20:43

    Haha...my dog does the 'legs up' pose too! Most dogs sleep just straight on their back but mine sleeps with his head to the right or left as well. Sometimes he even does a 'head nodd' when he's tired enough. He'll be lying there and his eyes will slowly start to close and his head just slowly tilts downwards...sometimes touching the floor before he even notices. It is quite amusing to watch actually.


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