17 November 2006

What Have I Been Busy With?

Some of you might remember that my part-time career is modelling.  So recently I've been busy with some projects.

Firstly,  the Hanbok which is a traditional Korean Dress, now available in doggy version which is still very much like the human's:

Pretty isn't it? heehee... and so what if I'm a boy? don't I carry off the dress as well as any girl, if not better? *proud*

Secondly, the Cheongsams and Tang-Style Costumes :

Last but not least, the Santa Elf Suit since Christmas is fast approaching:

Taa..Daa... that's about all. Boy! Was I tired out after all the photo shoots. *phew*  Oh, and if I don't look my best, that's cos I was sometimes dragged out of the bed in the middle of my snooze :(

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