13 March 2007


Humans always say there are 101 ways of doing this and that.  My sleeping patterns are no exception of course!  But erh... 101 seems a bit too many lah, maybe just several for the time being.  However, I will definitely work hard (oops! wrong, should be sleep hard!) to stack up the numbers.

Mommy!!!! Why you took this pic???!! My backside exposed!(*Mommy thinks my upper thighs look like raw chicken thighs!! HELP!!!!!*)


Best place of all!  Mommy's arms... awww!

Another place where I like to snuggle is Mommy's lap when she's working at the PC but I do not have any pic to show.  There's only this blurry pic where I'd stand on hind legs and poke at Mommy to request her to carry me up on to her lap:

Cute anot??  ^_^

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