16 March 2007

A Leisurely Morning At Sembawang Park

I woke up feeling excited because for the first time in my life, I was going to the beach!  Daddy decided to take the day off and bring me to the nearest beach to our home -- Sembawang Beach.  Hooray!! However, Mommy was concerned that I may not like it because I didn't like it the last time they put me into a pets' wading pool:
I wasn't enthusiastically threading water. Instead I scrambled to get out of the shallow pool!!

Also I am always stressed whenever it is bathing time.  Ok, I do see Mommy's concern but I was crossing my fingers... oops! I mean my paw pads heehee... that everything would turn out just fine. 

After I short walk around the park.

Daddy and I.... boy, was I overwhelmed!! So this IS how a beach looks like huh?
The feeling of the soft wet sand as I stepped onto the beach was.... erm... quite weird.  I am all familiar with the cold and sometimes hot concrete grounds but this is entirely new!  I was quite wary of this new environment and trotted cautiously but Daddy was very patient with me, slowly tugging me along ^_^

Daddy! I'm scared! I want to be carried! *whines*

Daddy: "It's ok, Bowie. There's nothing to be afraid of. Daddy is here with you."
Bowie: "I am really scared!  Please stay with me ok?"

And I finally stepped into the water!! But...but...but...that is the furthest I dared to go! *feels paiseh*


Eeeee...! I looked so ugly like this!!!  Mommy, hurry up go home and blow me dry!
There! My first visit to the beach!  It's not so bad after all.  Hopefully as I visit the beach more, I will conquer my fear of the water.  Oh yes, the booking of cab when we wanted to go home was horrible! There were no cabs available wor... called many many times unsuccessfully, so pek-chek you know.  Luckily in the end there were people who came in cab so we were able to get into an empty one. Phew!

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